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PETROFER Industrial Oils And Chemicals develop, produce and supply worldwide products for quenching & tempering of steel, metal-working as well as for numerous other industrial applications. These products may have a considerable influence on the quality of their subsequent end-products. Furthermore the economic efficiency of a client’s production capacity may hence also be influenced considerably.

The quality itself as well as the quality constancy both carry considerable weight besides the criteria of a favorable cost-performance ratio and compliance with target dates in order to achieve the aim of being a preferred supplier for national as well as international customers.

Thus it is the company’s professed policy to ensure the quality of our products by working with an effective quality management resulting in a quality assurance system.

Within the framework of our entrepreneurial obligation to meticulosity in regard to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, we herewith define with the present quality assurance manual our quality policy. The manual was established in accordance to DIN/ISO 9001 and other regulatory standards.

We consider the realization of and adherence to the therein mentioned and described documented procedures, which cover every aspect of business, to be an important factor for our company’s future.

The Central Management obligates all personnel to carry out their duties in accordance with the quality assurance manual. Continuous improvements and consideration of these guidelines furnish evidence for our entrepreneurial reliability both internally as well as externally.

Since its foundation, at all activities, PETROFER A.Ş. is applying the indicating rules of
Responsible Care in order to paving the way for obtaining a lasting advancement to increase its performance and make safer environment, human health and keeping secure health and property.

The Manager QA is responsible for the planning, control and correction of the quality assurance system. He has the authority and the organizational freedom to identify QA-problems, to suggest corrective action and to supervise the realization of the latter. The disposition of a nonconformity, the preparation, approval, distribution and maintenance of the quality assurance manual as well as the information of Central Management about important quality problems all fall within his responsibilities. By evaluating the results of internal audits and by initiating the necessary corrective action, Central Management is able to assess the quality assurance system.





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For several years Petrofer Endüstriyel Yağlar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been successfully manufacturing and marketing high performance specialty products for application in a wide variety of industries.

As a member of the Association of Turkish Chemical Industries (VCI) and as a company conscious of its responsibilities to the community and the environment, we practice the philosophy of “responsible care”.

Therefore we consider Petrofer Endüstriyel Yağlar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. to be an important member of Petrofer global organization.

We recognize that the environmental compatibility of our products and the quality of our customer service are now of equal importance to many customers as pricing and delivery. Consequently, our objective has been to integrate an effective environmental management system into our existing quality management system.

Through this environmental policy, Petrofer Endüstriyel Yağlar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Management and employees are obliged to work to the rules laid down in our Environmental Management Manual. In doing so we guarantee a continuous improvement in regard to environmental protection and, therefore, all relevant legal provisions are considered as minimum requirements.

The aspects relevant to our location in İzmir have been accredited by an external audit. Important environmental aspects such as energy and water utilization, effluent, logistics and traffic movement have been analyzed and evaluated.

It is on the basis of this evaluation of environmental aspects that we have determined our company’s goals in environmental protection for our site in İzmir.

We pledge ourselves and our employees to consider the following goals:

-Preservation of natural resources
-Safety at work
-Avoidance of emissions
-Introduction of environmental favorable processes
-Increased environmental awareness
-Preference for suppliers with environmental awareness

The fulfillment of these obligations is our company’s goal which we believe will be reached by continuous improvement of environmental protection and by the responsible actions of our employees.